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This well-crafted, lightweight, sturdy HSP Korean wooden sword is perfect for any martial arts practice or demonstration. A handguard is included for the safety of your hand and two sizes are available.



  • Made from a single piece of oak wood
  • Lightweight and sturdy, perfect for beginners
  • Includes a 3.5-inch plastic handguard
  • Available in 2 sizes. The small size is good for people under 5'5" (165 cm) in height.
  • Characters carved into the side represent "Han Gook Do," meaning Korean Sword


Perfect for Martial Arts Training

The HSP wooden swords can be used for any martial arts practice or demonstration. They are perfect for working on speed, precision, and body placement. These practice swords are especially suitable for beginners who want to learn basic martial art forms


The HSP Wooden Sword comes in two sizes. 

  • Large: 39.25 inches (100 cm), weight 14.5 oz,  handle 10.75 inches 
  • Small: 35.25 inches (90 cm), weight 12 oz,  handle 9.75 inches 
  • The smaller size is better for people under 5'5" (165 cm) in height or children. 
  • Both include a black 3.5-inch handguard.

[Set of 2] HSP Korean Martial Arts Wooden Sword with Handguard

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