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About HSP Wooden Swords

HSP wooden swords young man and woman using wooden swords


Giving people simple tools that can change their well-being in a big way.


HSP Wooden Swords is a martial arts training equipment line of HSP World.


HSP World offers wellness and lifestyle products that help you enjoy a healthy, happy life. HSP stands for health, smile, and peace.

We are dedicated to reminding you of your infinite potential and reigniting your personal power through the ancient wisdom of eastern holistic mind-body practices and related tools. 

Advisory Board

HSP Wooden Swords Master Yoo

Master Yoo Joonmin

Master Yoo Joonmin is the DahnMuDo National Trainer and Dahn Taekwondo Vice President in the United States. He holds the title of Grand Master in martial arts with a 7th-degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, a 4th-degree Black Belt in Hapkido, a 4th-degree Black Belt in Kum Ye Do (swordsmanship), a 3rd-degree Black Belt in Judo, and he has served as the Demonstration Coach at the World Taekwondo Championships. 

HSP wooden sword master Ham

Ham Daegun

Ham Daegun is the head trainer of Get Bright Art Troupe in South. He has practiced and taught various martial arts practices including Taekwondo, Gumdo, Hapkido, and DahnMudo. He won first place in the Martial Arts Show category in the 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships.

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